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Single Point Platform

Are you having trouble managing your team's transportation needs with
multiple applications for different modes like vanpools, carpools, and shuttles?


flexigo has a solution for you! 

Our corporate mobility super app and platform allow you to manage
all of your transportation needs in one place.

With flexigo, your team no longer needs to switch between apps to access different modes of transportation, and transportation demand managers don't need to jump between multiple tabs to manage all of your available services. Our platform helps you track ridership on various modes, analyze usage trends, and measure metrics like cost, emissions, and duration of work-related mobility.

flexigo offers benefits for both employees and system administrators.

Employees will appreciate the convenience of accessing all mobility services in one app and the integrated communication tools.

System administrators can save time and effort with automated processes, coordinate with fewer vendors, and use APIs for easy onboarding, offboarding, and reimbursement payment processing.


Our platform also encourages continuous improvement, with a fully customized dashboard and reporting tools for all reporting needs, including ESG, financial, compliance, utilization, and more. Plus, our modular design allows organizations to easily adjust the services they offer based on changing needs.

All of these features combine to improve employee adoption of shared ride alternatives, save time and effort for system administrators, and enable a process of continuous improvement for the services offered to employees.

To learn more about the benefits of combining all of your corporate mobility solutions on a single platform and super app, contact us for a free consultation and demo.

If you haven't yet experimented with providing commuter benefits to your employees, check out our page on deploying Flexigo to benefit both your team and your organization.