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Your corporate car sharing

Fulfill your employees’ daytime, after-hours, and weekend work-related transportation needs with our streamlined digital pool car management solution.

Give your workforce freedom of movement so they can come and go with ease and with the peace of mind that the company car they access with flexiCar is clean, safe, and available at their fingertips.


Whether they’re heading to a meeting, working overtime, planning an unexpected stop after work, or in need of a car for lunchtime errands, your employees will have easy access to your pool cars thanks to our user-friendly mobile app. Pool cars are more cost effective than using employee cars or ride hailing for work related intraday movement, allowing you to maximize your employees’ efficiency and optimize the utilization of your assets.


Our integrated closed-loop car sharing solution gives employees the resources to book, unlock, and drive a car with a few simple steps — on the spot and around the clock!

How flexiCar Works


Managing Vehicles

Fleet information is uploaded to the system.

Vehicle information on the system includes make, model, color, vehicle type, drive type and VIN.

Vehicles can be displayed based on:

  • Location
  • Vehicle type (e.g., economy, premium, van, SUV, etc…)
  • Availability
  • Fuel/battery, mileage, and maintenance statuses
  • Average wait times
  • Time and location of last use
  • Parking lot / depot assignment

Managing Documentation

Required documentation such as registration and insurance are uploaded to the platform to ensure compliance.

flexigo keeps track of missing documents and document expiration dates.



The parking lots near the user’s current location are displayed on a map. The user can see the number of cars available for the closest rental time in each lot. They can edit time and location to view updated results on the map.

By tapping on a parking lot pin, the user can view the available cars matching their search by make, model, drive type, fuel/charge status, and hourly and daily cost information.



To reserve a pool car, the user simply provides information about the destination for the trip, rental reason and explanation, and the number of additional passengers if they will not be driving alone.  

In case the user does not have a driver’s license on the system, they are asked to add one before they can reserve a car. 

If usage requires manager approval, the reservation request is sent to the assigned manager via email.  They can accept or reject the request by clicking the appropriate link provided within the email.

If personal use of pool vehicles is allowed, usage can be billed to the employee and paid by credit card.


Tracking Request Status

Users can track the status of their pool car reservation request on the mobile app.

They will receive a notification when their request is approved and when a vehicle has been assigned.



Approved bookings are assigned to an available vehicle. Reservations are assigned to the lowest mileage vehicle amongst the requested vehicle type unless other rules are put in place.

The reservation status of all vehicles on the platform can be managed from the planning screen of the admin portal. Vehicle assignments can be viewed, modified and can be shifted to other available vehicles if needed from the Requests screen.



Users can view the details of their reservation, including the location of the car with photo documentation, availability of the car before and after the reservation, features of the vehicle and rules of usage.

Once they tap the Start button, the user is asked to make an exterior damage assessment and report if they notice any damage on the vehicle. Upon entering the vehicle, the user is prompted to report any interior damage.

After the damage report is complete, they can unlock the doors from the app. They also have the option to scan the QR code on the vehicle to unlock the doors.

The keys are kept inside the vehicle, and once the doors have been unlocked with the app, the system also deactivates the engine immobilizer. Users can then start the car and use it with the vehicle key until the end of the reservation period.


Rental Tracking

On the active rental screen, the user can see the total distance driven, time remaining in the rental period, the cost (for a personal-use rental) and any driving notices. Users can also get directions to nearby gas or charging stations, the destination parking location or any saved addresses. 

The call center can be contacted directly through the app to get assistance if needed.


Ending Rental

To end the trip, the users are required to go through a final check list to report if any new damage has occurred and add the parking location information along with the photos of the parked vehicle.

If any additional costs have been incurred, the user completes the payment to end the rental.

After the final damage assessment is complete, users leave the keys in the glove compartment, and lock the car via the app.


Viewing Past Trips

The user can view information about their prior trips, including date, time and location of a rental, total time, mileage and cost, route driven, driving notices and vehicle damage reported, if any.


Tracking Usage

On the admin portal, each reservation request can be viewed with following information: 

  • The status of the reservation: Pending / Approved / Rejected
  • User who made the request
  • Assigned vehicle license plate number and model
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations and the time of the reservation
  • If there is a delay to the start or end time of a reservation, admins are notified. 

On the dashboards vehicle usage ratios, mileage, total time and mileage as well as emission can be tracked over time.



Benefits of flexiCar

The flexiCar car sharing solution facilitates corporate mobility around the clock.  It manages company vehicles, enabling employees to book cars directly through the app and facilitating fast reporting to appropriate departments.


icon-car-manage (1)

Manage reservations, approval, tracking and reporting all online

icon-car-fleet-utilization (1)

Maximize fleet utilization with both corporate and private usage to lower overall total cost of ownership

icon-car-documents (1)

Ensure registration and maintenance compliance through fleet information and documentation management

icon-car-fleet (2)

Minimize overhead costs of pool car management to further reduce costs

icon-car-dashboard (1)

Track usage, utilization and emissions to help assess the costs and benefits of electrification

icon-car-cost-emission (1)

Lower the overall cost and emissions per mile by maximizing fleet utilization and minimizing ride hailing and taxi usage amongst employees


icon-car-clean (1)

Access to clean and secure rides whenever you need them

icon-car-approval (1)

Faster request approvals

icon-car-independence (1)

Eliminates dependence on personal vehicles and ride hailing services for intraday work mobility

icon-car-inspect-damage (1)

Easy digital vehicle inspection and damage reporting

icon-car-unlock-doors (1)

Simplified vehicle access by locking and unlocking the doors via the mobile application

icon-car-pay (1)

Pay evening or weekend usage via credit card, when available
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