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Mileage reporting and cost reimbursement system

For those instances when employees can’t take advantage of shared mobility solutions, they may need to drive their own car to work, hail rides or take taxis to company meetings. When that’s the case, flexiMileage is the perfect complement to your other mobility solutions.

Long gone are the days of messy piles of receipts and confusing mileage usage reports: our instantaneous, automated mileage tracking and speedy cost reimbursement tool streamlines the process for employee and employer alike.


How flexiMileage Works

Live Tracking and Reporting
Past Usage Reporting

Live Tracking and Reporting

To track usage while on a trip, the user simply selects the transportation mode and enters the trip start information. If driving a personal vehicle, starting mileage is recorded, and if driving a company vehicle, the license plate number or vehicle number is confirmed. The user’s location when the trip is initiated is recorded as the starting point by the platform.

To complete a trip and report the mileage, the user selects the trip type - either personal or business, enters the trip purpose, the ending mileage for personal vehicle use and uploads a receipt for a taxi or ride hailing trip.


Past Usage Reporting

Users can also report trips after they are completed by selecting the start and end points and times for the trip, and entering the required information for the corresponding transportation mode.



Invoice and mileage data is automatically relayed to the company’s HR and finance departments for efficient cost-tracking and expedient reimbursement. Administrators can track the reports submitted by the users, approve or reject them, and mark them as paid when reimbursement is completed by the finance department.


Benefits of flexiMileage

flexiMileage is the feature that will allow organizations to complete their understanding of the cost and environmental impact of all their employee mobility activities. Save time, save money, improve the efficiency of reimbursements, and ensure complete reporting of all mobility activities by centralizing these data with the rest of your organization’s shared mobility data.



Fast digital manager and finance approval


Easy automated reimbursements

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Complete reporting and analysis



Track all non-shared mobility trips via personal vehicle, taxi or ride hail


Report both live and past trips


Complete all steps of information collection and reporting directly from the app