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In today’s corporate world, the key to success is a strong team. Hence, acquiring and retaining the right talent is more important than ever, yet parking shortages are hindering companies’ ability to hire in rapidly growing cities across the US and the UK.


Studies show that driving as little as 10 miles per day has numerous detrimental effects on health, including chronic stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, exhaustion, rage, anger, and decreased happiness overall. Aside from compromising one’s well-being due to the stress of driving, each person commuting to and from work by car wastes an average of 291 hours per year behind the wheel — and that’s not taking into account the serious environmental consequences of single-occupant commutes.


flexiShuttle significantly eliminates many of the downsides of driving to work, just as it removes the geographical boundaries that prevent the hiring of talent with limited access to public transportation. Offering a streamlined, modern, and convenient commuter shuttle service to employees results in higher employee retention rates, reduces parking requirements, and mitigates your corporation’s carbon footprint.


flexiCar can be deployed to facilitate the sharing of cars and parking spaces among employees. Providing flexiCar on-site also increases the adoption of the flexiShuttle service as it ensures freedom of mobility for those reluctant to leave their private cars behind in the morning. Activating CalenderSync makes it even easier for your team to book one of your flexiCars; by simply setting the time and location of their upcoming meetings or outings, they can secure a company car well in advance — or within minutes. And for those who continue to drive to work and use their own cars for business purposes during the day, flexiTaxi expedites the tracking and reimbursement process, allowing them to conveniently report their business mileage usage directly through the mobile app.


flexiRide addresses crucial first- and last-mile access to nearby transit hubs and aggregates transfers to points of interest like airports, servicing those who wish to commute via public transportation and providing a reliable mode of transportation to those who need to hop around to meetings.


Ultimately, managing all your corporate mobility requirements through a single platform and analyzing vital usage data via flexiAI gives you the critical insights necessary to reduce your costs and emissions per mile. Furthermore, adopting the full flexigo package vastly improves the overall mobility experience for your entire team, keeping your employees happier and making your corporation a more attractive workplace.