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Your private on-demand solution

Our enterprise ride-hailing platform, flexiRide, makes getting around for meetings and appointments easier, safer, and more on-brand than ever before. With flexigo’s private ride-hailing service, flexiRide, you can ensure your team members are riding in clean, safe, and comfortable transportation as they complete their important work for the company.


Book solo rides or let our smart algorithms pair you with nearby colleagues going in the same direction. Just let flexigo know where you want to go; we’ll make the optimal arrangements to get you there with flexiRide, guaranteeing a smooth journey, a punctual delivery, and a seamless end-to-end experience.

How flexiRide Works


Managing Vehicles

Each vehicle's details are captured on the platform including brand, model, color, drive type and VIN.

Vehicles can be sorted by:

  • Location
  • Availability status
  • Fuel/battery level, miles until refill/recharge, and maintenance status
  • Average wait time
  • Last use time and location
  • Parking lot/depot assignment

Managing Documentation

Required documentation such as registration and insurance are uploaded to the platform to ensure compliance.

flexigo keeps track of missing documents and document expiration dates.


Requesting a Ride

The first step to request a ride is to select the pick-up and drop-off locations. Users can input their address or, if needed, they can specify the exact location by moving the pin on the map.

Then they input the pick-up time (if it’s not an instant request), pick-up location description, select a ride purpose, type a description about their purpose of ride and select number of riders. 

And if mobility assistance is needed for any of the riders, it can be mentioned.


Booking for Guests

Users can also request a ride for a guest. In this case, users input the guest rider’s name and phone number.

The guest receives a text message that includes a URL that will take them to a page with the ride information and a map showing the route.


Tracking Request Status

Users can track the status of their ride request on the mobile app. They will receive a notification when their request is approved and when vehicle and driver assignments are completed.



If approval is required, ride requests are first approved by the assigned manager. After approval, the system automatically assigns an appropriate vehicle and driver.

Smart algorithms search for colleagues going in the same direction in order to pool the rides, if possible; if there’s no match, a solo ride is booked.

The reservation status of all vehicles on the system can be managed on the planning screen. Requests and vehicle assignments can be viewed, modified and can be transferred to other available vehicles if needed.


Managing Driver Tasks

Once the ride is approved and the vehicle and driver have been assigned, the driver is notified about the task. They can view the trip details on the driver app and get directions with embedded navigation.


Tracking Rides

Users can track the location of their vehicle on the mobile app as it approaches.

For guest riders, the link they received via text message will take them to a map showing the route on which the vehicle can be live-tracked.


Tracking Usage

On the admin portal, each reservation request can be viewed with the following information: 

  • The status of the reservation: Pending / Approved / Rejected
  • The user who made the request
  • The license plate number and model of the assigned vehicle
  • The pick-up and drop-off locations and the time of the reservation

If there is a delay in the start or end time of a reservation, admins are notified. 


Benefits of flexiRide

Perfect for one-way and intercampus trips, flexiRide offers an UBER-like corporate ride-hailing service.



Manage reservations, dispatching, tracking and reporting all online


Merge requests to a common destination into a single ride with smart algorithms


Enable drivers to track their tasks via driver mobile app with embedded navigation


Upload fleet information to the system and track utilization


Keep track of vehicle and driver documents and document expiration dates


Track and manage the reservation status of all vehicles on the system



Access clean and secure rides whenever you need them


Make instant bookings or future reservations


Request a ride for yourself or a guest and track the status on the mobile app


Track the location of your vehicle on the mobile app as it approaches


Get fast approvals to ride requests digitally


Request mobility assistance when needed