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Talent Acquisition and Retention

flexigo is a next-generation mobility platform that helps companies offer their employees a variety of transportation solutions for getting to and from work, as well as for moving around throughout the day.


By making access to work safer, more comfortable, and cost-effective, employers can improve their ability to attract and retain talent. This is why high-tech and bioscience companies are among the progressive employers that offer commuter benefits to their employees. With flexigo, you can get a tech-enabled, seamless transportation solution at a cost that is similar to public transportation.

Offering commuter benefits to your employees can provide the following benefits:

  • Increase your access to talent by providing a commute solution this is more time and cost effective than slower public transit options and cheaper than your employees driving themselves to work. This can be especially effective when your employees tend to live far from their workplace. 

  • Provide door-to-door, safe and comfortable access through dynamically routed shuttles at a cost comparable to public transit. This can make a significant different to employees if your worksite or your employees’ homes are in “public transit deserts” where access to public transit is limited.
  • Differentiate your job offerings by reducing the cost of commuting, which is a significant portion of the average household income. This can be a direct benefit to employee income.

  • Allow your employees to gain back an average of 290 hours per year previously spent behind the wheel while commuting. By providing comfortable shuttles, you can make the commute to work more enjoyable than ever.
  • Ensure on-time arrival at work. Tardiness costs the US economy billions of dollars each year. Don’t let this loss impact your bottom line.

  • Provide a seamless commute option to make it easier for more of your employees to return to the workplace, leading to greater collaboration and productivity.
  • Reduce the need for parking. Lower your parking costs or use your current parking areas for revenue-enhancing activities.

  • Save on recruiting costs by attracting a greater pool of prospects and extending differentiated offers that include a commuter benefit.

  • Eliminate commute challenges, reducing your employee churn rate by up to 20%.

Overall, providing safe, comfortable and economical access to your work site can lead to improved talent acquisition and retention, resulting in a positive return on investment in your employee transportation network.

Calculate Your Potential Employee Turnover Savings

Employee turnover is expensive. And 23% of the people who leave their job, do so because of the commute. We can calculate how much money you could save - just in employee turnover costs - by using flexigo to eliminate your employees’ commute troubles.