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Functions and benefits

Easy to use dashboard
  • Access to all high level details of your flexigo services through a single point.
  • Analyze you commute metrics and trends to evaluate next steps.
  • Full transparency on SLA.
Dynamic routing and optimization
  • Shuttle routes are dynamically routed and optimized based on new and departing users.
  • Our optimization engine ensures that any change on the routing does not break the SLAs we provide like maximum walking distance to pickup point or travel time.
  • Any resulting route changes are relayed to driver apps in real time.
  • This cycle ensures that our riders get the best service quality.
Usage reports
  • Real time and past attendance and usage statistics to measure the success of your commute strategy.
  • Offer alternative commuter benefits to those that opt out.
  • Usage statistics can also be used as proof of compliance with commuter benefit ordinances.
Pricing and accounting
  • Monthly subscription service with no commitment.
  • Transparent pricing based on campus location and travel distance.
  • Accounting on campus, department and employee level.
  • All of our shuttles locations and drivers’ behaviors are tracked and analyzed in real time.
  • Driver not adhering to our safety standards are blacklisted from the driver pool.
  • Pickup and drop off from home locations on selected hours or selected passengers groups are re-optimized for safety reasons.
Online reporting
  • Extensive reporting tool provides dozens of reports from attendance to safety to ensure we design and operate the best commute program for your corporation.
  • Data analytics for continuous analysis and improvement of the service to ensure rider acceptance and loyalty.
  • Online access to all relevant documents and paperwork for compliance and audit purposes.
  • Our vehicles and its riders are insured at the highest standard.
Online customer support
  • All complaints and requests filed through the mobile app are responded within one business day.
  • Your company will have access to customer support responses and SLA reports.
Rider mobile application
  • Fast registration through home location marking, pickup location selection and route selection.
  • Track the location of the shuttle in real time, get notified when it approaches your pickup point.
  • Access customer support for requests and complaints.
  • Access to other shuttle rides if you are going to a different location.
  • Notifications on any changes of your route, shuttle or driver.